Craveyon Syrah 2013

Craveyon Syrah 2013

Not unlike the heralded Knights of the Round Table, Syrah's parentage and history is shrouded in mythology and rumors. Like a character straight out of a 007 storyline, Syrah has many aliases. Antourenein noir, Balsamina, Candive, Entournerein, Hignin noir, Marsanne noir, Schiras, Sirac, Syra, Syrac, Serine, and Sereine are among the names used around the world. Some claimed the grape travelled to France in the 2,700 year old city of Syracruse in Italy, an ancient ally of the Spartans. It’s fun to think of Spartan warriors kicking back their sandaled heels toasting each other with a glass of Syrah to a trouncing well done.

Another story has Syrah cuttings being brought thousands of miles by a Knight during the crusades from (as Roman statesman, Cicero says “most beautiful city”) Persia’s Shīrāz which still exists today in modern-day Iran. Known as the city of poets, gardens, flowers and wine; the city of Shiraz was a likely possibility. Imagine the dark aubergine liquid held in ornate vessels in a Persian bazaar lined with mosaic walls as a lone Knight sips from the proffered ladle introducing him to the rich flavor of Syrah.

But like any good story, the truth was eventually ferreted out by the CSI Wine team at UC Davis revealing through vine DNA Syrah’s actual lineage. Unsurprisingly French in origin, Syrah’s father was Dureza and its mother Mondeuse blanche, two obscure grapes still in production today in small pockets near the Rhone region of France.

Craveyon's Syrah 

The darkest hue of all varietals, Craveyon’s Syrah presents with an amaranthine, deep crimson hue. Expect to find hints of blackberry and mocha combined with an effortless finish. Pair with bold flavored dishes.

The California Gold Rush of 1848 jumpstarted the El Dorado area but the volcanic rock and cool climate of the Sierra Nevada range produced a different type of gold; Craveyon’s Syrah. For those looking for the biggest boldest cigar-pairing, steak-partnering, warrior-like wine, look no further.

Craveyon takes Double Gold

Syrah/Shiraz: $25.00 – 28.99: 2017 Awards (ours was entered at $26.00) - Bronze


Selected at: 33°29'46.629"N 117°09'4.927"W


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Craveyon Syrah 2013
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