Craveyon Petite Sirah 2014

Petite Sirah Lineage and History

Petite Sirah [peh-TEET sih-RAH] is also called Durif and is a distinctly different grape from its parent varietal Syrah. The Petite in the name comes from the size of the grapes, being rather smaller and densely packed. The natural habitat is California and the grape has almost always played a supporting role as blender into more prestigious varietals that maybe aren’t living up to their potential. Originally developed during the 1870s, Petite Sirah has grown up, and enough acreage has been planted and harvested now in California that a bottle of pure Petite Sirah can step into the spotlight as a great wine all on its own. Of all the microclimates in California, Petite Sirah likes cooler terroirs and Craveyon’s Petite Sirah grew up in cool and sophisticated Monterey County.

Craveyon's Petite Sirah 

The velvety mouth-feel of Craveyon’s Petite Sirah creates a smooth finish. Pair this deep purple, plummy wine with a steak or sausages. During Craveyon’s ground zero tasting event the reviews for this wine were hyperbolic to the point we asked for a second round of tasters! But as the Petite Sirah fan club, “P.S. I Love You”, is quick to point out, Petite Sirah fans don’t come lukewarm; it is a hard and fast tumble into a love affair and the enthusiasm for this wine goes much deeper than the wine’s relatively short history.

You might get a proper scoff from the wine illuminati before they take a sip of this gorgeous heliotrope colored liquid gem. This is an awesome underdog wine to impress the sophisticate in your life.


Selected at: 33°30'26.681"N 117°09'30.09"W