Craveyon Orange Muscat 2014

Craveyon's Orange Muscat

Don’t ask, just pour this Orange Muscat for your guests. Fantastic with grilled peaches drizzled with honey or complementing a slice of rich New York cheesecake. Nestled in a sexy little valley of the Paso Robles region of California these Muscat grapes were only harvested after the residual sugar level thickened the juice to the consistency of liquid sunshine.

Orange Muscat History

Muscat [muhs--kat] is the oldest domesticated grape variety. As long ago as 77AD during the Roman Empire the author, Pliny, in his book Natural History called Muscat “the grape of the bees” for its sweet scent. This delicate white wine made from the Muscat grape is best when served chilled and with sweeter foods. It is an easy sell for the American palate that wants a sugary flavor. In the wine world the residual sugar is what gives the wine its honeyed taste. A good Muscat won’t be cloyingly sweet or too thick but rather have a more delicate texture. Like a tasteful accessory for the well-dressed woman, Muscat shouldn't overpower but rather accentuate to maximize enjoyment of the course.

A good host should have a wonderful bottle of Muscat at hand for the special occasion and Craveyon’s Orange Muscat will thrill even the most reluctant drinker. Order two bottles, one to drink upon delivery and one to relish and savor with a drop-in house guest.


Selected at: 33°29'46.629"N 117°09'4.927"W


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Craveyon Orange Muscat 2014
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