Craveyon Gewürztraminer no.5 2015

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Craveyon Gewürztraminer no.5

Gewürztraminer, tricky to say but oh-so-easy to drink.  Its flamboyant aroma recalls roses, lychee, and a spicy bouquet.  In fact, Gewürztraminer means spice merchant which makes sense.

The unique characteristics of this Gewürz (Gewurz) make a delightful accompaniment to Asian cuisine.


The craggy beauty of Mendocino County; sheer breathtaking cliffs disappearing into the mysterious ocean depths enveloping any change of sand beaches. Rock edges juxtaposed against relentless tides. The world’s tallest redwood trees tower over the mossy forest floor seemingly surveying the limitless horizon. Mendocino inspires with its awesome beauty.

The Anderson Valley AVA starts south of Navarro, California like a stripe to the south of Boonville encompassing the very best showing of Mendocino’s vineyards and winemakers. Best known for Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer, Anderson Valley’s loamy soil produces exceptional wines of both. Craveyon CloudWines’ Gewürztraminer was grown here among the stately world-famous redwoods and daily baths of thick fog. Transport yourself to this mystical land with your first sip.

Gewurztraminer: $15.00 & Over: 2017 Awards (ours was entered at $27.99) - Silver

10 Reasons Why Gewürztraminer Is an Awesome Wine


 Selected at: 33° 30' 26.683"N 117° 09' 30.088"W