Craveyon Counoise 2013

Craveyon's Counoise 2013

The 2 acres of Counoise neighboring the 11,000 of Pinot Noir has held it's ground in Paso Robles for many years. This new up and coming varietal woos Pinot Noir lovers into a new spell of wine romance. Like a bandit, Craveyon's Counoise will sweep you away with the effortless fusion of black cherries, toasted graham crackers and hints of leather. Sip poolside or around a bonfire with bbq'd polska kalbasa, buffalo burgers or a refined dish of pork belly bucatini displaying the unending ways a glass of Counoise can complement any experience. 

Counoise History 

Coon. Wahz. Now say it again but this time let it roll off your tongue with a French flair. The rogue of the wine world with an origin mysteriously unknown Counoise often shares its rocky soil fields with the Aubun grapes. The dynamic duo ranks best in field blends and when collaborating with bigger reds the oh so addicting velvety mouth feel becomes the apparent trait. Of the two, Counoise stands alone but takes backseat when placed in the category of varietals. Glistening with translucent tones of garnet, the gentle tannins give way to a soft approach of pepper fooling it's drinker as it boldly opens to secret notes of tobacco, leather and dark berries. Allow your senses to be captivated by the dynamic characteristics as you sink into a new found adoration of the unknown wine, Counoise. 

 Craveyon takes Double Gold

Selected at: 33°30'26"N 117°09'27"W


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Craveyon Counoise 2013
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