Craveyon Cabernet Sauvignon no.3 2014

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Craveyon Cabernet Sauvignon no.3 2014

Deep blood color permeates through this stately Cabernet Sauvignon no.3. A majestic jewel with lush fruit flavors and enticing aromas of ripe jammy berries and vanilla fill every sip with excitement. This Cabernet is so delicious that even the most fervent white wine drinkers slide to the dark side after one cautious taste.

Mad with the power to turn even the most hardened teetotaler, Craveyon Cabernet Sauvignon no.3 2014 relishes its power.  Each smooth mouthful doesn’t depart without leaving a zesty finish, reminding you to slow down and embrace the moment. Love the contact.

Put the glass down confident with the knowledge that you aren’t wasting a second of this life on common wine. Remember, life is too short to drink bad wine.

Craveyon Cabernet Sauvignon no. 3’s History

When the literal translation of your name is Wild Vines it doesn’t take a doctorate in enology to know the Cabernet Sauvignon plant is as ubiquitous as the Kardashians were in past years. But unlike a Kardashian, Cabernet Sauvignon ages gracefully allowing the notes of its original location to shine through.

Cooler climates produce green bell pepper notes while warmer climes impart black currants. Although it can grow anywhere and the hard wood of the stock and thick skin of the berries protect it from most ferocious diseases; the appellation is extremely important to Cabernet Sauvignon. The dirt on which it grows can practically be tasted all the way through to the finish.

Some claim Cabernet Sauvignon plants grown near eucalyptus groves impart a minty, eucalyptus scent. How much of this is a self-fulfilling prophecy? Hard to say. We do know that Cabernet Sauvignon is popular. The king of all wines. It is the most grown here in the states and definitely most consumed.

Only once, in California during the 1990s was planted Cabernet Sauvignon acreage surpassed by (you guessed it) Merlot. Today, with Merlot again in 2nd place, Cabernet reigns king.

Craveyon’s Cabernet Sauvignon is from Clarksburg, California. By all accounts, a place called the “Gem of the Delta”. Any native Californian remembers summer days of childhood spent lazily trailing small hands through the slow-moving river waters that converge gently in the Delta. Recent years have brought acclaim to the vineyards found in this area. Cool night air wafts off the water’s surface to produce serious Cabernet Sauvignon.

Native California Grapes Just Didn't make the Cut

French trappers roamed this area and found it thick with wild growing grape vines. One stream in the San Joaquin river area was nicknamed, “Wine Creek” after these plants. But well before the California Gold Rush of 1849 and even the California Fur Rush of 1825 wine was already a well-established California product having been introduced along with Catholicism during the great mission project of Father Junipero Serra. Father Serra founded nine of California’s twenty-one missions from 1769 through 1782 and alongside many of these missions Vitis vinifera cuttings from the Old Country were cultivated and the first palatable wine was produced.

This wine was an essential item of trade for the missions as well as being used during mass and for medicinal purposes. Native vines were already growing in California but the padres found the berries these plants produced weren’t well-suited to winemaking.

The native tribes eschewed the naturally growing California grapes and fermented wild cherries instead to make a drink they called “pispibata”. With the advent of the missions and the transplanted cuttings of vitis vinifera the natives and padres alike contributed to the nascent wine industry in the Golden State. The most popular varietal of vitis vinifera? You guessed it, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wine and Food Pairing

Craveyon’s Cabernet Sauvignon no.3 pairs well with beef or lamb ragout, or for vegans try baked eggplant alongside this Asian tatsoi side dish.


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