Craveyon Black Muscat 2016

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Category: Black Muscat, California, Red, Sweet

Type: Wine

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Craveyon Black Muscat 2016

Dust off the every day with a splash of this French fuschia-hued, dragon-fruit and cherry bomb delight! Add a pop of color to your life for a  lively flavor adventure! Craveyon's Black Muscat makes a perfect California poolside partner for those lazy late summer days and is the perfect starter wine for your young travelling companion on an around the world of wines tour. Twist-off the cap for the first scent of sweet and sassy! Pour a tiny taste to start the smiles or our a full glass to make even the most staunch beer drinkers changing their tune. Black Muscat can turn any gathering into a cheers-filled soiree of giddy fun. Indulge in this delightful wine! 


Black Muscat History

With more names than the great Mother-of-Dragons herself, Black Muscat is often mistaken for its cousin, Orange Muscat. But be assured this is a different wine altogether. Often made as a dry wine in Europe, Black Muscat is gaining personality here in the states as a dessert wine. Hallmarked with a wonderfully beautiful fuchsia color and a low alcohol level, there shouldn't be any guilt to an instant love affair with this wine.


Selected at: 33°29'40.4"N 117°09'02.7"W


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Craveyon Black Muscat 2016
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