How to Add Wine to Your Existing Wine Subscription

Once you have purchased your wine subscription you can add other wine or wine varietals to your existing wine subscription without going through the checkout process again.

Add More Wines to Your Subscription

Login if you are not already logged in.

1. Select
     a wine

Navigate to the Wine Shop and choose your wine or wine varietal.

2. Choose
    the delivery type and quantity

 Choose the Delivery Type - "Ship to me" or "I will pick up" and the number of bottles you want (Quantity) 

 choose shipping type and quantity

3. Select
    your subscription interval

 select your subscription interval

4. Add
    to existing subscription

Select the button Add to existing subscription

add to existing subscription


5. Confirm
     your addition

Confirm to add the product to existing subscription order.  Select the Add button to confirm your addition.  Pressing the Escape key or clicking the "x" backs you out of this dialog.

add to existing subscription


Complete!  You've just added a product to your existing wine subscription and there is nothing more you have to do except enjoy it when you recieve it.