How To Become A Subscriber (Wine Club Member)

How To Become A Subscriber

Subscribe & Save

With Craveyon CloudWines' Subscribe & Save you can have your favorite wines delivered to you your home or business.

You can also:

  • Save up to 50% on non-subscriber prices
  • $6.00 flat shipping fee to all "Shippable" states for orders of 2 bottles or more
  • Manage your subscription; change frequency, quantity, or variety, place your subscription on hold or skip an order all online anytime
  • Craves! You and three 21 or older friends have free entry to monthly Crave events in Southern California or a town near you 
  • Eliminate FOMO! Receive exclusive invitations to other shin-digs near you

Creating a subscription is simple: 

1. Select
     an item to subscribe to

Choose from all our wines or select the Craveyon (I Choose) Wine Subscription

2. Set
    your quantity & schedule

Select your "Deliver Type " and delivery frequency and the number of bottles you want to receive.

3. Click

...and check out.  It's that easy!  Your subscription will be activated and shipped overnight to California, Arizona & Nevada and these locations via ground delivery via FedEx or UPS.

NOW!  If you want to add more wine to your subscription follow these steps. How to Add Wine to Your Existing Wine Subscription

Subscribe & Save Benefits

When You Subscribe, the More You Save

With Craveyon CloudWines' subscription, you always receive a discount on non-subscriber prices - plus orders of 2 or more bottles there's only a $6.00 shipping fee to all "Shippable" states.

Choose the Delivery Schedule That Fits Your Needs

Subscription plans are available for daily, weekly or monthly intervals.  You select the frequency of new orders, and we'll automatically send your subscription on your delivery schedule.  You can change your subscription schedule, quantity or wine type online anytime.

Order Outside Your Subscription

Once you are a subscriber and logged in you can purchase additional wine outside your subscription, at the same discount, anytime you want, choosing One-time purchase.

Customize your Subscription

There are no commitments.  Put your subscription on hold or skip future orders. Manage your subscription anytime, online, 24 hours a day.  Use your Manage My Subscriptions, found in Your Account. 

Get Email Reminders

Before we ship, we will send you an e-mail letting you know your order will be processed in three days, giving you time to make updates to your subscription as necessary.

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