About Us at Craveyon CloudWines

              “What do you think of the bouquet?”

              “What flowers?”

              “No, I mean the bouquet of the wine. The scent of it.”

              “Why don’t you just say smell?”

The Vision

Craveyon CloudWines was the vision of Randall Farrar, a technopreneur living in the heart of traditional California wine country. He watched for years the way this often times elite wine culture percolated along in its oldest customs.

The Team

When a chance came along to do something different he enlisted his wife, Cindy, a natural promotional machine and someone who builds relationships in her sleep. She has also worked for over fifteen years in the wine tour industry. The two sought a partner with years of brick & mortar winery experience, who was willing to tip the wine industry on its head. This new President of Everything also happened to be their daughter-in-law, Casi Mayo. Working from three different industries and three different styles they coalesced a vision of creating outstanding premium wines through an approachable platform for cloud–cravers.

Providing Craveyon wines and wine subscriptions through an approachable cloud platform.

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