Craveyon Sparkling Pêche Demi-Sec

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Category: California, Sparkling, Sweet, White

Type: Wine

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Sparkling History

Champagne has a long and romantic history as the elixir of the wealthy and royal. The light, tiny bubbles made famous long ago by the French Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, has come a long way with the unique experience of sparkling wine continuing to elicit bated breath.  

Something about the excitement of a pressurized cork releasing the often pale and cool liquid has always sparked excitement. The fizzy effervescence delicately popping on the tongue is still sought today by many even or maybe especially as an accompaniment for a luxurious, lazy brunch.

Craveyon's Sparkling Peche Demi-Sec

Live life like the royals and always have a spare bottle of chilling bubbly sparkling wine to pop open for life's special occasions or defeats. 

Craveyon’s Sparkling Peche Demi-Sec has a blush of pink yumminess and is silky smooth with a gentle peach flavor. Pair with honeydew melon and soft, cheeses with subtle flavors or a lime sorbet for a delightful aperitif or with lemon gelato, jellybeans or fruited cheesecake for dessert.


Selected at: 33°29'46.629"N 117°09'4.927"W


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Craveyon Sparkling Pêche Demi-Sec
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