With NFL Playoffs beginning, what will your Super Bowl wine be?

Super Bowl Wine

With NFL Playoffs beginning, what will your Super Bowl wine be?

Living in wine country means Super Bowl parties undoubtedly feature wine. The dilemma is pairing with traditional dishes that tend to be high fat with bold flavor. A heavily tannic wine wars with these flavors and the enjoyment of both decrease.

Happily, a Craveyon wine subscription offers a wide range of drinkable wines that pair well with football tailgate foods like chili, hot dogs, and more.

Let's Talk Food

Chili is a perennial favorite with as many variations as there are kitchen gourmets. This causes some confusion as to which wine works better with a specific style. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Super Spicy: This style pairs nicely with the Craveyon Syrah. The rich spiciness of the wine compliments a spicy chili, especially one with lots of onions and hot peppers.
  • Traditional Chili Con Carne: Generally incorporating moderate heat, it is perfect with the Craveyon Counoise. The subtle spice and fruit forward style enhances a smooth bean studded chili.
  • Vegetarian: When the chili has more of an acidic character, pair it with Craveyon Chardonnay. If it is smooth and rich, try the Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Verde Style: While it usually doesn't include beans, it almost always features mildly spicy pork. Our Viognier is great with this dish because the light fruitiness of the wine enhances the Verde sauce while the citrus notes are a perfect foil for the pork.

Life Beyond Chili

 Who can resist the omnipresent Velveeta cheese dip? So rich and creamy and ORANGE! This favorite has multiple variations, from spicy diced jalapenos to pepperoncini slices to chopped pimentos.

Craveyon Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with all of these. It is more fruit forward than many Cabs so enhances the creaminess of the cheese while not overpowering the additional ingredients.

Jalapeno Poppers are another favorite, and our Cabernet is also perfect with them for the same reasons. And if you see a tray of cheese stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon, grab a few quickly as they will disappear! They pair incredibly well with our Counoise.

 Meat Lovers

Baby back Ribs are always popular with many regional styles and sauce options so let's discuss a few favorites.

Kansas City: Just thinking about smoked ribs slathered with luscious smoky, spicy sauce makes me salivate! They are perfect with a rich, not-so-tannic wine to enhance the smoked meat and the spicy sauce. Craveyon Merlot is an excellent choice.

St. Louis: These ribs are also smoked but the sauce used is a tangy vinegar and tomato mixture that's not as thick as a KC sauce. Craveyon Sauvignon Blanc complements this style, and in turn, the tangy sauce enhances the vegetal notes in the wine.

Carolina: With at least five regional variations, the common element is the vinegar and pepper in the sauce each uses. The acidic yet spicy sauce makes wine pairing a bit more challenging but not impossible. Sipping a buttery Craveyon Chardonnay enhances the sauce and the meat.

California: Out west, we generally put more emphasis on the rub and the wood used to cook the meat with little or no sauce. Zinfandel is a great companion with our west coast ribs, smooth and rich with a good dose of spice to enhance the smoky wood flavors.

Wines for the Super Bowl

The dishes noted in this blog are just the start of an awesome Super Bowl lineup. Who knows what you will encounter at your chosen party. Bottom line, this is not the time to pull a 12 year aged Cabernet out of the cellar – save that for a juicy filet. Casual dishes with bold flavors pair much better with food friendly, drinkable wines.


Cindy Lemos
Cindy Lemos


Cindy Lemos, known as the WinoGal, has a love of all things wine, especially when pairing with food and social events. Trained by Stewart Good at the esteemed Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite, she continues that passion and knowledge in her writing and by executing wine parties and dinners, informative wine tasting sessions and winery tours. She's followed wine makers from vineyard to harvest to crush, then through the often intricate process of creating wine. She loves to experiment with food and has a flair for creating menus that utilize her unique blend of “Southern Comfort tweaked with a fresh, Mediterranean zest.” You can follow her adventurous wine and food odyssey on Twitter and Facebook and here at Craveyon.


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