Telling a Story: How to Read the Craveyon CloudWines Wine Label

 Craveyon CloudWines Wine Label

When we set out to create our Craveyon CloudWines wine label we wanted our label to represent who we are as an online Wine Club and to tell a story.  I believe we accomplish that in very subtle ways.  So subtle that most people don’t catch the label elements that tells a story.

…and I wanted a wine label that stood out, was different, and a little weird.

Video: How to Read the Craveyon CloudWines Wine Label

Let the Wine Label Tell The Story About the Wine

The Front Wine Label

The front label has a technology search engine feel to it.  The front label has two main story elements that start the story, Search bar and Techno Street Art.

Search Bar`

Craveyon CloudWines wine label search bar

Inside the search bar:

[1] Varietal of the wine, e., Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

[2] Selected anonymous wine number selected during the Blind Ballot Bar™ event
All the Craveyon CloudWines are chosen by our members. Selected anonymous wine number is the wine that received the highest score.

[3] Vintage year

Techno Street Art

Craveyon CloudWines wine labels

The goal here was to portray everyday people doing something in the form of work or an act of one's passion.  And in the process of doing that work or act a vineyard is shown through.

The Back Wine Label

The back label is the search result from the front label search bar. This label has five elements that continue to tell the story.

Craveyon CloudWines wine label - back

[1] Wine name in the search bar

Wine name is the same search "wine name" on the front wine label search bar.

[2] American Viticultural Area (AVA)

The AVA is the region the wine is from.

[3] Wine Description

A part of the search result from the front label search is the wine description.

[4] Crave Hole

The QR code on this label is a Crave Hole.  A Crave Hole is a special surprise.

[5] Geo-Coordinates

The physical location the wine was selected at – at a Blind Ballot Bar event

Our Wine Label Also Reflects What We Believe

I believe wine is for everyone… not just a select group of self-proclaimed wine experts.  Here at Craveyon CloudWines, we get way more excited when an IPA beer lover, realizes they like wine, than getting compliments from a Level III - Advanced Sommelier (though those compliments are great too). The former builds value and loyalty, the latter credibility.

Wine is fun, and there should be a story. Craveyon CloudWines wine label reflects that.



Randall Farrar
Randall Farrar



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