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October 06, 2015


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Drinking Wine After a Marathon

You've been training for months with no drinking wine whatsoever and the big event finally came – that 10K race you promised yourself you would finish.


Drinking Wine After a Marathon


Congratulations! You finished and have every reason to want to celebrate.



Work Hard, Play Hard


In the months leading up to the marathon, you followed a diligent and disciplined program. You reduced alcohol consumption to one glass of wine a day. You adhered to a healthful eating regimen banishing processed sugars and starches in favor of lean protein and complex carbohydrates. You took great care to hydrate your body on a daily basis.


Not to mention those almost daily practice runs, gradually building up stamina until distance was something you looked forward to everyday. What started out so hard became effortless and on the few days you decided to rest, you missed the endorphins with the great feelings they brought.


You achieved your goal and deserve a special treat. Being a wine aficionado, you look forward to opening that bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon you purchased as an incentive to keep going. Tonight you will pair it with a tender filet mignon grilled on the rare side, topped with bleu cheese and a side of asparagus in real butter. If you want to add garlic mashed or scalloped potatoes, feel free. You earned this meal.  The temptation to dip further into your Craveyon wine subscription cache will be there however it's wiser to play it safe tonight. 


Enjoy, Just Don't Overdo It!


It sounds extraordinary... and it will be. Keep in mind, you just ran a marathon. Even though you feel like you are on top of the world, you still have feet of clay. Hydrate before you pop that cork or sink your fork into that luscious filet. Your body feels amazing and you want to feel that way in the morning.


The rule of thumb to hydration is to drink water until you are sated. As you've been training for months, this sensation should come naturally. Follow your body's instincts. If you are thirsty again in half an hour, drink more water.


Drink water through dinner too. Drinking wine – because it contains alcohol - acts as a diuretic pushing fluids from your body. This has a draining effect and leaves you feeling tired and sore in the morning. At least one 8 ounce glass of water for every 5 ounce glass of wine consumed is a great start.


Finally, don't overdo it. Two or even three glasses of wine with a great dinner shouldn't hurt you.


Cheers - you earned this!