Steve Rogers' Odyssey - Entry #002

 Steve Roger's Journal Entry

It’s been a couple of days since that last event. I told my brother, Will, that I thought the whole thing had been ‘nice’. I was underselling it. Maybe it was just a case of lingering childhood rivalry but I didn’t want him to know I enjoyed myself. Stupid, I know, but you don’t know Will like I know Will. He can be a bit full of himself. In all honesty, at the event I had never gone so long without thinking about my ex. It was refreshing, and after that quick shared glance with the brunette behind the bar I couldn’t help but want to go back. But of course, I couldn’t tell Will that.

So when he tried to invite me to another event the next day I lied, and said I had to go to the DMV. (Funny thing is I really did have to go, but for the fifth* time put it off). I’d like to say I spent that day researching everything I could about wine, but instead vegged out on Netflix, once again moping about having loved and lost. By the time it was the early afternoon I had realized I was back into the routine I had been in for the past month; that being the routine of doing absolutely nothing.

Then, at about 4 Will called and told me he wasn’t going to the event that night. He said something about having to work late, but had promised a good friend of his he’d take him to the event. Because I am such a loving brother, I agreed to take his friend. (The promise of a $20 tip didn’t hurt none either).

Will’s friend, Jeff, an overdressed and over trimmed hipster, showed up at my door thirty minutes later complaining his vintage fixie (fixed gear road bike) was still in the shop. So I got dressed best I could (another band tee and jeans) and carpooled the trendy wine connoisseur to another Craveyon CloudWines event; this time at a local brewery.

It was the usual old warehouse made rustic brew house set up. Why they had decided to host a wine event at a brewery was completely beyond me. I didn’t know how these sort of things operated. Jeff was raving about the event the whole way there. The idea of, “crossing both industries together” fascinated him, for some reason. When we arrived I realized how mixed the crowd was. Old and young, bearded indie types and bubbly soccer moms; definitely an interesting mix. I wasn’t paying attention to that though. I kept watching the tasting bar they had set up near the back. There wasn’t any sign of the brunette with the bright green eyes. I supposed it was her day off.

Without any other option but to enjoy myself I got in line for a taste. Jeff was talking my ear off the entire time. When we got to the front I took a pour of the newest wine they were featuring. They said it was something called a “Malbec”. The ‘Malbec’ was kind of interesting. I got flavors of cherry and an interesting hint of cocoa. It was in fact, so interesting I went back for seconds and thirds of the same taste. All the while Jeff floated from social circle to social circle. I guess he only needed me for the ride, not the company. I tried to keep up, but eventually found myself a nice empty table near the back of the place.

When I returned to my table with my fourth taste, I was beginning to feel a little light headed. I guess on my way I had attracted the attention of a couple of wine Craveyon enthusiasts. They lingered by my table, flirting with me like old pros. They belted with laughter at everything I said, and stood particularly close to me. At first it made me uncomfortable but after a little while I enjoyed the attention.

That only lasted so long though, as Jeff came floating back in my direction and stole the show (to no surprise). Before long I had become a quiet bystander, a piece of the background. That was all right by me really, wasn’t about to try anything with them. I expected the rest of the night to be uneventful until I saw that brunette from the last event floating by the bar.

My stomach dropped a little. She was with a few of her friends, all of which were clearly several drinks in. I wanted to walk over and introduce myself, trust me I really did, but my nerves got the better of me. So, I just pretended not to notice and continued with the Malbec. On the ride back to my apartment I promised myself that I would suck up my pride and go to the next event.


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