Red wine - 16 Health Benefits You Should Know

red wine health benefits

Hundred of years ago red wine was used to treat all kinds of human conditions. It was believed wine made us live longer, healthier, smarter, braver and in many cases better looking. Medical News Today writes that many of these claims may be right.

It's known that red wine contains a compound called resveratrol that's behind many of the health benefits. Based on recent research there are 16 possible health benefits of red wine from the way it affects the gut microbiome (the microorganisms in your gut) to preventing liver disease.

  1. Gut microbiome and cardiovascular health
  2. Raising levels of omega-3 fatty acids
  3. Heart health and type-2 diabetes
  4. Healthy blood vessels and blood pressure
  5. Brain damage after stroke
  6. Preventing vision loss
  7. Preventing colon cancer
  8. Preventing breast cancer
  9. Improving lung function and preventing lung cancer
  10. Protection from prostate cancer
  11. Preventing dementia
  12. Reducing risk of depression
  13. Protecting from severe sunburn
  14. Preventing liver disease
  15. Preventing dental cavities
  16. Treating acne

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Randall Farrar
Randall Farrar



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