Give Yourself Permission to Join The Right Wine Club

Three Reasons The Right Wine Club is Important

In our experience, there are three main reasons you may not join a wine club.  First, you may not want to commit. Second, you have too much wine at home.  And third, you may belong to several wine clubs, and you do not want another one.

Join The Right Wine ClubCasi Mayo, President of Everything (right), Lori Cuevas (left), and Brenda Morken (center), address these three concerns by explaining how Craveyon CloudWines' unique approach to wine subscriptions solves each issue.

1. The Commitment Can Be Hard

  • Set-up your subscription to be the way that suits you
  • Totally customizable
  • You know the wine because of you, the member, selected it

2. I have too much Wine

  • Casi asks if too much wine is a problem
  • Give wine away as gifts
  • No such thing as too much wine
  • Have your wine shipped to other people
  • Set your Craveyon CloudWines membership to suit your needs regarding quantity and frequency
  • For example, we have customers who get wine every Friday, for their weekend wine

3. I Belong to Other Wine Clubs

  • You love the wine clubs you're in or maybe, you're just used to them. Craveyon CloudWines offers something completely different from other wine clubs
  • The Craveyon Wine club is flexible
  • You decide what you want and when you want it
  • Get the wine club that allows you to customize 
  • Craveyon CloudWines will not make you purchase wine you may not want


Randall Farrar
Randall Farrar



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