Dancing on Tables - Research Shows That Alcohol Emotional Responses Are Real

Alcohol Emotional Responses - dancing on table

Are you a Gin drinker?  Then, as a new "Alcohol Emotional Responses" study suggests, you're thought of as sexier than those who drink other spirits.

Are you a red wine drinker?  The same study found that 25% of us feel friskier after a glass of red wine.

These findings come from a substantial new study which showed that different types of alcohol produce different alcohol emotional responses.  This research, published in the BMJ Open journal, also suggests rude and aggressive drunken behavior may be linked to the alcohol a person drinks.  Wow! Go figure.  I did not know that.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Spirits seemed to make drinkers feel more "energized" than other alcohol drinks
  • A little more than half of the alcohol drinkers reported energy boosts
  • 59% of spirit drinkers had feelings of confidence
  • 45% of beer drinkers had feelings of confidence
  • 25% of wine drinkers had feelings of confidence
  • Beer and red wine seemed to make drinkers feel more relaxed

The researchers' conclusion: "Understanding emotions associated with alcohol consumption is imperative to addressing alcohol misuse, providing insight into what emotions influence drink choice between different groups in the population. The differences identified between sociodemographic groups and influences on drink choice within different settings will aid future public health practice to further comprehend individuals’ drinking patterns and influence behavior change."

Read the research paper here »

Randall Farrar
Randall Farrar



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