Creating Craveyon CloudWines Wine Tasting Notes

Creating Craveyon CloudWines Wine Tasting Notes

Transcript: Creating Wine Tasting Notes with Casi Mayo and Brenda Morken

Casi Mayo, President of Everything, and Brenda Morken, Duchess of Production, sit down and walk us through the process of created Wine Tasting Notes.  The wine tasting notes are an important part of Craveyon CloudWines' wine club process.The wine tasting cards are used for guest and members

The wine tasting cards are used for guests and members during wine tasting events. Guest and members are encouraged to take the note cards with them so they can remember what wines they LOVED and can include those wines in their wine subscription.

The wine notes are also used on Cravey CloudWines product pages and the Craveyon wine labels.


Wine Tasting Note Card
Wine Tasting Note Card

Casi Mayo (CM): Alright let's get started I am Casi Mayo, and this is Brenda with Craveyon CloudWines.

Brenda Morken (BM): Hi everybody

CM:  And what are we doing today Brenda?

BM:  We are going to write our wine tasting notes cards, and our label has already been created. However, this is one of our new ones that we just followed, so we have to write our tasting note card now. So we've collected a variety of sense in spices and different things and what we're going to do is smell the wine and then also smell the different spices in the different sense that we have so that we can create an incredible tasting card.

CM:  But somewhat accurate. Yeah, so we've got this is only what I could really pull out of my kitchen this morning.

BM:  You did a great job

CM:  Short notice -oh so we'll have ground mustard, cloves nutmeg, coriander, pumpkin, five spice powder which is my very favorite. I use that in Gingerbread and in cookies. Ground ginger, just pure dry ginger. We've got almond lemon and vanilla cardamom, I think that's how you pronounce it, and saffron.

So that's what we're going to at least get started with, and we made these smelly things that aren't here, so we'll have to run over to the spice merchant and get some other things. But this is our old wine tasting note, and it says that our old cab had blackberry, cassis and a hint a rose petal. We don't have any rose petals, so we know it is not like.

Ok, so should we just start. Let's just start.

BM:  What does it say on our label for the cabernet sauvignon? It says that there are enticing aromas of ripe Jami berries and vanilla.

CM:  Oh, we have vanilla. Let's smell the vanilla. This is going to be strong because this is concentrated vanilla extract and I think, Wow, well you only need a teaspoon. So, what if we just did a teeny tiny little tiny bit we have to dilute it a little bit. You don't need that much that's overpowering

Did you get any vanilla in that you? You should. I'm probably putting ideas in your head that you're then smelling in the wine.

BM:  I do smell the vanilla

CM:  And I smell raspberry I think me yes hmm maybe a hint of strawberry. Yes okay, I'm writing that down. Okay we're getting strawberry I'm getting raspberry we're getting a little bit of vanilla what about what about almond or cinnamon?

BM:  Yes, just a hint yeah.

CM:  So, if we're going to see the cinnamon vanilla on this one, then we should try cloves. We should take mustard away, ginger away, because if we know no ginger and there's no mustard.

BM:  I don't think there's any pumpkin spice either.

CM:  Okay coriander?

BM:  No.

CM:  No that's getting eliminated. So we got left five spice powder, nutmeg, saffron and cinnamon, cloves. Lemons can go. Goodbye lemon. Oh, holy mackerel that is so strong it smells like pine-sol.

BM:  It does. Yeah, that's really strong.

CM:  Whoa. No lemon

BM:  No lemon

CM:  Let's try almond. I really like almonds stuff. Okay and vanilla. It was definitely vanilla. Yes, I sent almond packing, but do you think there's almond.

BM:  No I don't think so, we should have picked up some berries.

Note: During Blind Ballot Bar wine tasting events, our members are encouraged to write down their thoughts about the smells and tastes of each wine they are grading and we will also use that information in our wine notes.


Randall Farrar
Randall Farrar



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