9 Surprising Wine Consumption Trends - Canned Wine?

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Wine Enthusiast Magazine has an excellent Wine Consumption Trends article about what the Wine Market Council, together with expert panelists reveal about what, why and where Americans are drinking.

9 Wine Consumption Trends

Here are nine wine consumption trends that market research and panelists revealed.

1. Dining out and spending more

    As the economy improves, 20% of wine drinkers are eating out more and paying more for wine.

    2. New wine categories discovered

    Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are no longer the traditional picks. Increasing in popularity is Prosecco, red blends, French rosé and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

    3. Wine spending is up

    Consumers bought 4.4% more on wine but are cutting on beer purchases.  Beer drinkers are not cutting back on wine.  In fact, 20% of craft wine drinkers are drinking more wine.

    4. No price increase in popular brands

    Even though wine drinkers are buying higher priced wines, they have forced popular brands to hold their prices. This trend has allowed wineries to introduce new branded wines at higher prices and leave the price of familiar brands alone.

    5. By-the-glass rules

    People are more likely to order wine is if it is available by the glass.  Another factor to purchasing more wine was if the wine comes with the dinner ordered.

    6. Italian food creates more wine purchases

    64% of wine drinkers are more likely to order wine at Italian restaurants than other types of eateries.

    7. Screwcaps aren’t a big deal

    Some of the panelists agree that screwcaps are not putting people off anymore.  In fact, Master Sommelier Jason Smith of MGM Resorts International said his team of sommeliers are happy to twist them off and pour.

    8. Flavor favorites are on the opposite ends of the spectrum

    Wine drinkers are increasingly polarizing their wine taste profiles.  Crisp whites and bold reds are becoming the norm with fewer styles in between.

    9. Canned wine is on the rise

    Wine drinkers are purchasing significantly more canned wine than a year ago.  The is occurring in places, like sporting events, parks and beaches where glass is prohibited.  But the experts claim not every wine tastes good coming out of an aluminum can. This trend may be a short-term fade.

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    Randall Farrar
    Randall Farrar



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