Box Wine + Subscription is in Your Future

You may believe box wine is only for barely drinkable wines. Think again. Only a decade ago, a bunch of winemakers from South Australia's Clare Valley determined they were fed up with dodgy corks destroying their Rieslings.

Today, screwcaps have nearly conquered the Australian wine market. Thanks to Australia’s, brave move screw caps are now accepted in even super expensive wines.

Which brings me to the coming box wine movement. In the past, box wine, just like the screwcap, has been a form of low quality, industrial wine. Wine, like several products related to luxury, could be a book judged by its cover, and wine in a box has been judged the oenological equivalent of a penny-press publication.

If you'll let go of the stigma, there are some nice discoveries with this latest crop of box wine in terms of style, taste, price, and a practicality that is hard to beat.

box wine

Style and Taste

According to Forbes/Travel, there are some great wines out there. Of course, it’s based on Forbes’ informal judging (friends and neighbors):


Overall, the biggest surprise was the quality and as testimonial, one taster quipped, “Most of these wines are actually too good to serve to my mother-in-law.”

Winner - 4.5-From the Tank Vin Rouge, 2010, (3L), $35.99. From France’s shelter du Rhone region, this mix of Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan was the foremost extremely rated wine overall. Praised for its smoothness, balance, and ripe cherry fruits it’s a pleasant crowd pleaser.

4-Maipe Malbec, 2010, (3L), $29.99. Numerous chocolate and dark cherry come together within the glass with voluminous delicious vanilla and heat spices. It’s a heart-warming wine with a teasing spank of white pepper at the finish. Red wine lovers are going to be happy.

3.5-Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010, (3L), $24.99. A light styled Cabernet with a tinge of blackberries and chocolate; it has a pinch of Zinfandel and Syrah that makes it fascinating.

3.5-Yellow+Blue Malbec, 2010, (1L), $12.Tasters liked this light, easy, pleasing berry fruit that popped out of the glass. Excellent for a lightweight red on a hot day.


Now if you take the average liters and price of the box wine above that is an average of about $8 per 750mL bottle. This is wine that normally sales for $16 to $12 per bottle. That is a great value!

Wine Subscription

With online wine subscription sales on the rise and the efficiencies of packaging and the lower costs of shipping make it the perfect match. Subscribers can receive more wine at a better value right to their door. Better yet customers won’t have to lug that box wine from the store.

Yes, we, Craveyon CloudWines, believe box wine is in the near future.

Randall Farrar
Randall Farrar



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