Traditional Wine Club vs. Wine Subscription

A traditional wine club is usually based on red wines, white wines, or mixed selections being the customer’s only choices. The wines come once a month or once a quarter on the “you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit” basis. There are no substituting and discounts (if there are any) typically don’t apply to anything outside the club selections.

wine subscription

More Options

Wine drinkers needed a better option. When we started our online wine company we knew we wanted to offer what all the other wine clubs didn’t; that is, choice. Craveyon CloudWines does things completely different than other wine clubs. It started with changing the language. You don’t sign up for a membership, it’s a wine subscription. You aren’t a member; you’re a Craver. No master sommelier is selecting what you should drink. Subscribers select what is bottled. With varietals offered from the greatest wine regions around the world. An anonymous wine tasting takes place at the monthly Blind Ballot Bar™ Crave events and the wine that wins gets bottled. And so far the winners have been really very impressive.


The frequency and quantity of each order is completely fluid. If you want three bottles one month and 12 the next you can call, text, email or log in to your account online and make any changes you need. If you only want Cabernet Sauvignon then you just get Cabernet Sauvignon. You aren’t required to get what is being released with that shipment. You can change anything at any time online instantly. There is no additional charge to change out the wines plus any additional wine you want outside your order is available at the same 50% off price.

Yelp in Reverse

We don’t go to a restaurant without Yelping it first. The wine subscription reverses the research & development process. Our Cravers select what is bottled. Our Cravers get what they want when they want it. In the gigantic complex online world, there is one place, at least, where you get what you want.

Casi Mayo
Casi Mayo



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