What our CEO Drinks With Sourdough Toast

Sourdough Toast and wine

Mmmm.... sourdough toast. Made from that wonderful, crusty, perfectly sour bread that threatens all gluten- free diets!

Whether you make your own from a refrigerated sourdough starter, buy it as a frozen round to bake in your oven or get it fresh from the bakery – the pure heaven it inspires is unrivaled. My favorite way to enjoy it is warm from the oven, slathering a thick end slice with real butter. That always leads to a second and third slice because it is undeniably addicting.

Our Craveyon CEO, Randy Farrar, prefers his sourdough bread as toast, which is also yummy. Recently he asked me what I would recommend as a wine pairing. 

Pairing Wine with Buttery Lusciousness

White wine, definitely works. One on the dry side, perhaps with citrus elements smoothed by apple and pear that complements the sourness of the bread and enhances the butter used on toast. A fruit forward Chardonnay is a great pairing. Stay away from the super oaked versions unless you are adding a strong cheese like a sharp white cheddar as it can overpower the wonderful sourdough flavor.

Specific Varietals to Try

Sauvignon Blanc on the grassy side of the spectrum is also a good match. Sometimes you detect a hint of peperoncini and that is the ultimate complement for sourdough toast. Craveyon has a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc in their current wine offerings that pairs perfectly.

Albariño, a Spanish grape, is another great option. This is a varietal to watch. Well known in Spain and my ancestor's Portugal, it is rapidly being planted in California because of its affinity for drier, arid growing seasons. Turns out, our CEO is also half Portuguese! And our families are both from the Azore Islands. How's that for coincidence?

Pinot Grigio or Pinot Blanc is another “can't go wrong” pairing. Bottom line, you are underlining the sourness of the bread with the lushness of the butter you lather onto it.

Red Wine?

When you start adding ham slices or bacon and grilled veggies or fresh tomato, basil and spinach to form a sandwich: multiple pairings can apply.  Try a fruit forward red wine - Craveyon's Counoise makes an excellent foil for a sandwich made from any or all of these tasty ingredients.  

However back to the original question: What should our amazing CEO Randy pair with his beloved sourdough toast?

Answer: Whatever suits his palate. Wine... and food... are purely SUBJECTIVE.




Cindy Lemos
Cindy Lemos



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