Why New Moms Drink Wine....

Young mom drinking a glass of wine


This is a loaded question or perhaps it's just a statement of fact.


I have never given birth to children. I adore children. I have seven amazing nieces and nephews. However, I never allowed myself the opportunity to procreate.


That is all about to change. In two weeks, I become the Host Mama for a 14-year-old exchange student from Beijing China. She will be with me for the entire school year. We've Skyped multiple times, I know her interests and I am so excited that she chose me over other “real” families to spend her time here in the U.S.


I am also terrified. Will I measure up? Will she hate me if I tell her a boy isn't appropriate?


Or the scariest of all: Will she miss her baby brother so badly she'll want to leave early?


My friends and family assure me that will not happen. That I have much to offer and so many things to show her and that she will teach me many things. That we will have so much fun together. And that Skype will keep her talking every night to her little brother if she wants.


They are right. Of course they are. I did not volunteer to take this adventure on a whim. I carefully thought it out in advance and made the decision to move forward. I can be a great parent.


Oh yikes! But what if she falls in love with an inappropriate boy? Or she leaves the door open and Jinx escapes when he's supposed to be inside?


All these minor escapades can be easily remedied by pouring a soothing glass of wine. For me, not for her! We are both at home and we have enough food to keep us through the evening. We will work it out. She is now my charge and my child for the next 10 months. She is my priority and we will make it work in our own unique way. We will find a workable solution to any obstacle.


I cannot wait to meet her. This is going to be fun. Yes, I'm certain it will also be a challenge at times, however, I know it will be one of the most memorable experiences in both of our lives.


Bring on my Girl!


Cindy Lemos
Cindy Lemos



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