Race to the Bottle

It Ain't Easy Being a Little Wine

Wineries can only do so much. The lots of lands associated with the winery have to be planted with planning in the mind of what the winery is going to bottle and sell as well as what the winery might want to blend to create a new bottle. You are going to get a great Sauvignon Blanc from Lake County or an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa. The issue we always ran into was that the best possible representation of the varietals we loved had to be gathered from all different wine regions across California, Oregon, Washington or even Italy, Spain or France.

Become a CRAVER by picking your wine subscription 

Become a CRAVER!

We decided to come up with a solution. Come up with one place where not only could you get the best varietals from the best representative regions but do it at a reasonable price and most importantly let the drinkers do the deciding. Here is how it works; we bring in "tasting" bottles from a bunch of wines we think might work. Cravers taste along with us and vote on what makes the cut. Its a backyard pick for the funnest team ever. Become a CRAVER by picking your wine subscription - you decide how many, red, white or both, and how often. Plus if you are in California we cover your shipping too. It's an amazingly good deal and so far our "experts" have gotten it right. Check it out and we promise you won't be disappointed! 

Casi Mayo
Casi Mayo



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