Drink Responsibly

Please Drink Responsibly

Wine is a Wonderful

I was always taught that a glass of wine is a wonderful social lubricant, enabling the making of friendships, but drink responsibly. I wholeheartedly agree with this wise assessment. There are other, much more concrete reasons to drink wine among the following: 

Wine For Your Health

Drinking wine every day has shown in study after study how good wine can be for your health. Memory has been shown to improve, your good cholesterol level, HDL, can increase, it can give you a lower body mass and slimmer waist, it can guard against food poisoning and even decrease your risk of certain cancers. Of course, the most immediate value to drinking wine every day is it relaxes you. After one glass, you can feel the stress melt away as the warm comfort comes over you. It can make social situations manageable which is why the first thing offered to guests upon arrival is a glass of something.

Casi Mayo
Casi Mayo



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