Get Lucky!

It's St. Patrick's Day! 

Everyone is Irish during March. I don't care what your background, there is something infectious about the celebration of mighty St.Pat. I mean, they turn an entire river green for the occasion. As you kidding me?

But this year I feel extra lucky. In addition to doing my full moon rituals and rubbing my lucky (lucky for me, not the rabbit) rabbit foot I get to give the world something extra lucky; the launch of CRAVEYON, the coolest, newest, techiest cloud winery in the world.

The rumors about why St. Patrick is so honored abound. I have heard he ran all the rats out of Ireland. Except that one married ding-bat that hit on me in Dublin. I heard he calmed Gerry Adams down long enough to stop throwing bombs for the IRA and start throwing down epic literary prose. Ok, maybe that one I made up, Gerry's prose is far from epic. No matter where you stand on the 32 county issue I think we can all agree our differences need to be put aside when it comes to celebrating St Patrick's Day.

When I was younger I used to celebrate with soda bread and green beer. Now that I'm older and wiser, I celebrate with Craveyon's spicy Zinfandel and a chunk of my homemade Guinness cake. And yes, Guinness DOES taste better in Ireland.

Hey Cravers! Get lucky! Send me a pic of how you enjoy Craveyon and I'll send you a gift!



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Casi Mayo
Casi Mayo



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