Craveyon CloudWines increases wine per bottle price by $1 May 1st, 2016 – But not for current subscribers!

Craveyon CloudWines Wine Subscription process

It’s been a year now that we went live with Craveyon CloudWines.  A year!  Can you believe it?  And it has been so much fun.

We are increasing our per bottle price by $1.00.  Retail price for each bottle will be $13.99.  If you pick it up at a Crave or our facility the discount price per bottle is $8.99 per bottle.

The good news for you is that if you are a Craveyon CloudWines Subscriber or become a Craveyon CloudWines subscriber you will be locked in to the current pricing for one year starting May 1st. Any extra wine you buy outside of your subscription starting May 1st will be $13.99 or $8.99.

Now is a good time for current Subscribers to add more wine to your subscription before the May 1st increase.  To add more wine now to your subscription you can either,  add it online or call us (951-972-8353) and we’ll help you.

If you have any questions on becoming a Craveyon CloudWines Subscriber please call us at 951-972-8353 and we’ll help you.



Randall Farrar
Randall Farrar



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